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Why would you consider a plea bargain?

A plea bargain may be offered if you're facing criminal charges. In exchange for entering the plea that the prosecution wants, you'll be given an idea of your sentence up front. For example, you could be facing a maximum of 25 years behind bars if you're found guilty after a trial, but, if you plead guilty from the beginning, some charges will be dropped and you'll get no more than 10 years.

First offense DUI in Tennessee

While you may have grown up hearing the warnings and the stories of tragedies that followed someone's decision to drive after drinking, you knew you were smarter than that. You know your limits, and you are always in control.

Why can't you trick your ignition interlock device?

If you've been ordered to use an ignition interlock device, you know that it checks your breath for alcohol before allowing the car to start. Therefore, it seems like it'd be easy to trick it. If you're drunk, just get a sober person to help, start the car, and then switch places. Seems easy, right?

Tennessee congressman wants drug sentences commuted

President Barack Obama has made headlines during his time in office for working to release drug offenders before their sentences are up. His focus has mostly been on those who were arrested for non-violent crimes -- such as selling a small amount of marijuana. Overall, more than 1,000 people who were in the federal prison system have seen their sentences commuted by the president.

Is it so bad to get a second DUI?

So, you had your license suspended for a year after being convicted of a DUI in Tennessee. Your parents paid the court and attorney fees. The judge sent you home and you're glad to put it all behind you. Life moves on, except for one thing: your driver's license is still suspended. You've got a job and classes to attend, though. Really, what are the chances you'll get caught a second time?

Where to seek support when holiday fun is threatened by DUI

You may be one of many young guys in Tennessee who enjoys getting together with buddies during the holidays for some hot wings or pizza and a few ice-cold beers. Nothing spells holiday fun like watching the Turkey Bowl on a big screen at a local pub, surrounded by five or 10 of your best friends. If you don't want DUI charges to ruin your holiday, it's best to try to plan ahead to avoid getting pulled over or becoming involved in a collision if you drive yourself home after the game.


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