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February 2017 Archives

Does a doctor's note get you out of drug-related driving charges?

You're pulled over by the police, who believe you may be intoxicated. The kicker is that you haven't had anything to drink. Instead, you've just been taking prescription medications. The police arrest you and say that you can still get a DUI because you were under the influence of a drug while driving -- even if that drug wasn't alcohol.

Avoiding spring break drinking and driving

While many students travel somewhere exotic for spring break, many stay at college during their time away from study. Whether on sandy beaches or still in The Volunteer State, you want to make sure that you're staying safe and following the law. A drunk driving charge can cost serious money, but also jail time, loss of license and further punishments from your school.

Take a deep breath and relax, said no one suspected of DUI ever

Imagine driving home after a fun night out with friends, singing along to your favorite song on the radio and thinking about that one particular person you hope to see again soon, when, suddenly, you glance in your rear-view mirror and see flashing red and blue lights. In seconds, you realize a Tennessee police officer is pulling you over. The only problem is you don't know why.

What are your basic Miranda Rights?

If you've watched police movies or read crime thrillers, you've no doubt heard of Miranda Rights quite frequently. They're the rights that the police have to read to you when you're being arrested. They're so commonplace that almost everyone knows they exist, but do you really know what they are? To ensure that you do, they are as follows:

Probable cause is needed for an arrest, but it can be vague

You can't be arrested without probable cause. It's one of your rights. In many cases, officers need arrest warrants, though they can make on-the-spot arrests when probable cause is clear at the time -- such as when you're pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving and the breath test puts your blood alcohol concentration at 0.10.


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