It seems that, on a daily basis, news outlets remind America of its growing dependence on prescription drugs and the growing trend of abusing opioids and other medications. This is a reality for far too many Americans, most of whom come to depend on such medication after a serious injury or accident.

In fact, many people who are dealing with prescription fraud charges are first-time offenders who have become dependent on a drug that was at one point legally prescribed. I am attorney Eric Larsen and I understand that there is often more to a story than a simple arrest. Since opening my practice, I have defended individuals in Franklin and the surrounding counties that are facing serious criminal charges, including charges of forging a prescription.

Protecting Your Rights

Most prescription forgery charges stem from opiates such as Percocet and Vicodin, which are serious and addictive drugs. Often, those accused of the crime are professionals, including medical staff, and are otherwise seen as productive members of society. In these situations, the criminal charges can result from a variety of actions and accusations, including:

  • Doctor shopping
  • Attempting to use a fraudulent prescription
  • Forging a physician's signature
  • Acquiring the drug from another person who possesses a valid prescription

Attempting to obtain a controlled substance by fraud or forgery is serious, and the punishment is severe, from jail time to fines and more.

As an attorney, it is my responsibility to zealously advocate for your rights and your freedom. I understand the difficulty of dealing with a substance abuse issue, and I maintain the focus toward treatment and recovery rather than punitive actions.

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