Many people in Tennessee take their second amendment rights seriously. However, any gun permit owner can tell you that the law isn't always straightforward when it comes to owning or possessing a firearm. I am attorney Eric Larsen, and I recognize the importance people place on gun ownership. I also know that facing weapons possession charges can be very serious.

From my Franklin, Tennessee, office, I represent individuals who have been arrested for or charged with weapons possession. As an experienced criminal defense attorney, I'll work on your behalf so that your rights and freedoms are respected and upheld.

Providing Tough Gun Crimes Defense

Even the most experienced gun owners can find it difficult to keep all the laws straight. There are different regulations governing handguns and machine guns, as well as clip size and other details.

In addition, if you have been accused of using a firearm while committing another crime, the consequences become much more serious, and can push a misdemeanor offense into felony territory. This can come with mandatory prison time and strong sanctions, financial and otherwise, that can seriously impact your life.

Some individuals who have been previously charged with a misdemeanor or felony may not be aware that their gun rights have been impacted, and could later be seen as felons in possession.

These scenarios are commonplace, yet their impact on your rights and future is serious. I make it a point to stay up to date on statewide gun laws so that I am always ready to protect your future.

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