Family. It's the most important "asset" in life. When family law matters arise, whether it is the realization of a divorce or post-divorce child custody disputes, tension and emotions can reach all time highs. The dynamics of family law matters create challenges that require experienced and trusted counsel to overcome. I am attorney Eric Larsen, and I understand these challenges. That's why I provide experienced, trusted, and individualized representation to achieve results for my clients in Franklin and across nearby Tennessee.

The philosophy at our firm is to provide straightforward, client-first representation to attain the best possible outcome in any situation. By spending time getting to know our clients and setting representation goals, we individually tailor the approach for each case. Not every case needs to be contested. But make no mistake; when the tensions rise and disputes need court intervention, I am tenacious and respected in the courtroom.

Providing The Full Scope Of Representation

I handle a wide range of family law matters, including:

  • Divorce and legal separation
  • Child custody and child support matters
  • Paternity actions, which encompass situations where an unmarried couple has a child together. Paternity must be established before the court can enter a child custody order.
  • Orders of protection, representing both petitioners and respondents in hearings related to orders of protection. An order may limit where you can go and, in some cases, it can prohibit your from having contact with your children. We can help.
  • Post-divorce matters, including property disputes, modification of child custody and child support orders, and contempt of court petitions.

I understand that these matters can be emotional, even traumatic. In these times, I strive to provide compassionate guidance, with a goal of placing you in a favorable position for future growth.

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