Domestic violence is a very serious matter. If convicted, you are facing the possibility of time behind bars, along with steep fines and the loss of other rights. Often, a domestic violence charge hangs heavy over your head, and can even ruin your reputation and good standing.

There is a social stigma associated with domestic violence that isn't present in other criminal charges. As a lawyer, I know that criminal charges don't always tell the whole story. However, as with all charges, having a strong advocate on your behalf can make all the difference. I am attorney Eric Larsen, and I have been representing clients from my Franklin, Tennessee, office through their toughest legal ordeals. Whatever the situation, restoring and representing your rights are my top priorities.

Advocacy In Times Of Need

In Tennessee, domestic violence is a type of assault, and charges are typically brought up when there are allegations of spousal abuse or child neglect. Most of the time, domestic violence is considered a class A misdemeanor, which means defendants can face jail time of nearly a year and a fine in the thousands.

Often, these cases arise in highly charged environments, and many times they are brought up in family law situations, in which one spouse is angry at another over divorce or child custody and support proceedings.

In family law situations, an order of protection may also be issued. A protective order can restrict your freedoms, including your right to own or possess a firearm, and violating it can have serious civil and criminal consequences. I have provided strong advocacy on behalf of clients who feel these orders were issued incorrectly, as well as those who have been accused of violating the orders.

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