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Empowering Your Story, Protecting Your Future


    "Above and beyond what I ever expected."
    I was terrified, confused, and desperate for help, and Eric went out of his way to help me.
    - Jennifer
    "Not only did he get done what I asked but he exceeded my expectations and got me the best possible outcome."
    He helped me understand my charges better and was prepared immediately to get me in the best position possible.
    - Cameron
    "Compassionate, understanding, and very responsive to all my questions."
    Eric did an excellent job in handling my case.
    - Joe
    "Of any attorney I’ve ever met or have hired, I can honestly say that Eric was the only one I genuinely trusted."
    Eric is a no-nonsense lawyer, but he is as compassionate as anyone in his trade.
    - Luke
    "It is vividly apparent that he cares deeply about both his job and his clients."
    I would not hesitate to contact him again if ever needed. Larsen for President 2020!
    - Mandy
    "He kept me free with my daughter and I can’t thank him enough!"
    He’s a good man! He kept me free with my daughter and I can’t thank him enough!
    - Kierria
    "The result was the best outcome I could have expected. One of the best!"
    Eric provided a clear overview potential outcomes for my case and provided detailed guidance on what the process would look like.
    - Larry
    "He will make sure not only your case goes in your favor, but will make you feel safe and secured in your life."
    Being a great lawyer is more than money, but making the client feel like your someone who will fight for you and get you what you want.
    - Xavier
    "He is truly one of the few honest lawyers I've ever met and is a kind and good man with strong integrity."
    Eric was on top of every detail and kept me from letting anxiety get the better of me.
    - William
    "He's very professional and I feel blessed that he was fighting for us."
    Eric Larsen is the best criminal lawyer to have fighting for you. My daughter got in trouble and I hired Mr. Larsen to defend her. He was able to get her the best deal possible. He's very professional and I feel blessed that he was fighting for us. I highly recommend him if you need a criminal lawyer.
    - Karen
    "He got the case dismissed, all charges dropped, and expunged from my record."
    Eric put his trust in me when all others would not. He had my best interests at heart throughout the entire process.
    - Former Client