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If you’ve been arrested for DUI, you were mostly likely asked to complete field sobriety tests. These tests are supposed to assist the officer in determining if you are impaired. 

Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus – During this test, the officer will hold a stimulus (a pen or his finger) out in front of your eyes 12-18 inches. You must keep your head still and follow the stimulus with movement of your eyes only. The officer will slowly move the stimulus from side to side looking for Nystagmus - involuntary jerking of your eyes. 

Walk-and-Turn Test – This test is otherwise known as the 9-step walk-and-turn. During this test, you’ll be directed to stand with one foot in front of the other, heal to toe, and take nine steps, heal to toe, down an imaginary line. Once you reach your 9th step, you are directed to make a turn, leaving the front foot planted, and then return to the starting position with another 9 steps back. 

One-Leg Stand – The final test requires that you stand with your hands at your side and lift one foot off the ground approximately inches and count to 30. 

At Larsen Law PLLC, an advantage we provide for our clients is the knowledge and understanding of how these tests are supposed to be conducted and how they are scored. Attorney Eric M. Larsen is certified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, just like law enforcement, to administer these tests. He took the same class and passed the same certification tests. Armed with this knowledge, we can pick apart errors in delivering the SFST to poke holes in the state’s case. 

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