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A probation violation could carry severe penalties

There are many individuals in Tennessee and across the nation who have experienced circumstances in life that have left them on probation. Regardless of how it happens, being on probation can be stressful, but it could be much better than the alternative. However, there are certain circumstances in which a person could violate the terms of this arrangement, and a probation violation can carry serious consequences.

Individuals who are on probation may have regularly scheduled appointments with their probation officers and failure to show up at these meetings could prove detrimental. Failure to show up for a scheduled court date and failure to pay the necessary monetary fees are two more circumstances that may constitute a violation of probation. In some cases, those on probation may also have restrictions when it comes to visiting certain locations, and doing so without permission is never advisable.

Better understanding of the basic elements of larceny

Individuals in Tennessee who have never faced allegations of larceny may find it difficult to grasp the level of stress that can accompany a similar circumstance. Those who face larceny charges may benefit from gaining a better understanding of what to expect from the process early on. However, without the necessary legal experience to know how best to approach the situation, the process could prove intimidating.

Upon being accused of larceny, one may wish to begin preparing for the subsequent process by focusing on forming a strong defense. One of the first steps to take in building a defense for similar charges could be to examine the basic elements that define larceny. These elements include the unlawful taking of another party's property without consent with the intent of permanently depriving him or her of the item.

Being accused of drunk driving can be stressful

Facing charges for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs can be a stressful and daunting process. Upon being accused of similar offenses, the average person may lack the necessary legal experience to know how best to handle the situation. Individuals in Tennessee who face drunk driving charges may wish to gain a better understanding of each of their available options, but they might not be sure where to turn for guidance on how best to proceed.

When facing DUI charges, there may be a variety of factors to consider when developing a strategy prior to entering legal proceedings. In some cases, a person may contest that his or her actions were made under duress or that he or she ingested alcohol unknowingly. In addition, the presence of alcohol isn't the only factor to consider, as even some prescription medications can cause impairment, and those who believe that the effects of their medication had worn off before driving may have valid grounds to dispute the charges.

Obtaining counsel early on when facing drug charges

It is no secret that being accused of involvement in drug-related activity can be a harrowing experience. A conviction for drug charges carries severe penalties that could affect a person's future in various ways. Individuals in Tennessee who face similar charges may find it helpful to begin preparing for what comes next by focusing on forming a strong defense, but they might be uncertain of the available options with which to challenge the charges against them.

There are a variety of factors to consider when forming a strategy to challenge drug charges. In some cases, a person may be able to argue that he or she was unknowingly in possession of illegal substances or that the drugs belonged to another party. In addition, one may also find it essential to obtain the results of the crime lab analysis, as a substance that appears to be an illegal narcotic could be something else entirely.

Void arrest warrant can be a criminal defense to the charges

A police department in the western part of Tennessee has become embroiled in a constitutional challenge with respect to hundreds or more criminal arrests that appear to have been carried out improperly over the past 15 years. Lawyers for several former criminal defendants who were arrested and prosecuted in the city of Jackson have filed a class action lawsuit in federal court against the city and others. They allege that the arrests were void because the affiants making out the arrest warrants were not put under oath by the City Court Clerk. The error can give an accused a criminal defense that may succeed in having an arrest, prosecution or conviction dismissed

Arrest and search warrants must be prepared and executed according to detailed legal specifications. In general, most arrests must be supported by an arrest warrant unless one of the recognized exceptions to a warrant exists. Where a warrant is necessary, an affidavit is executed by the arresting officer stating the probable cause grounds for the arrest. Where the affiant is not put under oath, it destroys the legal nature of the document and makes the arrest warrant invalid.

Traffic stop leaves 2 facing felony drug charges in Tennessee

Facing criminal charges can be one of the most stressful and daunting experiences a person may ever encounter. When the evidence against a person appears overwhelming, one may feel as though the options are limited. Two individuals are facing numerous drug charges after police allegedly uncovered the presence of methamphetamine during a recent traffic stop in Tennessee.

Authorities assert the incident began when officers claim to have witnessed a driver run through a red light. This prompted a routine traffic stop, and during the stop, they claim that both the driver and a passenger appeared to be exhibiting suspicious behavior. After investigating the matter further, police say they found out the driver was operating on a suspended license, and a search of the vehicle ensued.

Early morning crash leaves 1 facing drunk driving, drug charges

A 23-year-old woman is facing multiple charges following a recent accident involving a state trooper in Tennessee. In addition to being accused of drunk driving, she also faces charges for drug possession. Since a conviction for similar charges carries serious consequences, those who stand accused of such acts may benefit from seeking legal counsel for advice on how to prepare for what comes next.

Law enforcement agents assert the incident began on a recent Thursday morning when the driver of a vehicle suddenly veered off course and struck a parked patrol car. According to reports, the officer sitting in the car suffered injuries in the process. While speaking with the driver about the incident, authorities assert that she admitted to drinking one beer prior to driving.

3 face drug charges after search of hotel room in Tennessee

When law enforcement agents receive reports of the possible presence of drug activity, they are obligated to further investigate the matter. Those who become involved in such an investigation may be uncertain how best to respond to the situation, and they could be unaware of their legal rights should allegations of involvement ensue. Three individuals have been arrested and each is facing multiple drug charges following a recent incident at a hotel in Tennessee.

According to reports, the incident began when authorities received complaints of the presence of drug activity at a local hotel. Upon arriving at the scene, police claim that one of the occupants in the room in question attempted to provide a false name. After allegedly uncovering her identity and learning of an active warrant for her arrest, a search ensued.

Crash injures 3, leaves 1 facing drunk driving charges

Stopping a vehicle on the side of the road can be dangerous, especially at night or in places where vision may be obscured. Should the driver be unable to park a safe distance from the road, everyone inside could be placed in harm's way, as other drivers might have insufficient time to react and avoid collision upon approaching the area. A recent accident that sent three individuals to the hospital has left a 45-year-old man facing drunk driving charges in Tennessee.

The accident reportedly took place on a recent Sunday after the driver of a car decided to pull off the road to help a passenger. The driver reportedly claims that one of his friends became sick. While parked by the road, the vehicle was suddenly struck by a nearby car, and all three occupants in the first vehicle were taken to the hospital for treatment of serious injuries shortly thereafter.

2 face multiple drug charges after recent investigation

An investigation into the possible presence of a large-scale drug operation can go on for extended periods. Being the subject of such an investigation can be a harrowing experience and those who face drug charges under similar circumstances may be uncertain how best to approach the situation. A recent investigation into the possible presence of drug activity in Tennessee has left two men facing multiple drug charges.

Law enforcement agents assert that the incident stems from a three-month investigation regarding drug activity in the area. They claim to have received information indicating that a drug operation in another state was sending dealers to the area to sell a variety of illegal narcotics. While many of the details pertaining to the investigation remain unclear, it reportedly led to the recent search of two apartments.

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