Case Results

Having earned an AV 

Case Dismissed DUI
My client was charged with DUI. We filed a motion to suppress and argued that the traffic stop was illegal. The State, concerned that they would lose, agreed to dismiss the DUI charge and reduce the case to a reckless driving with no jail.
  • Case Dismissed DUI

    My client retained me after his inexperience appointed lawyer told him he had no chance to win his case. After careful review of the evidence, we filed a motion to suppress the blood results based on a faulty search warrant. The State settled with a dismissal of the DUI charge and a plea to reckless driving – no jail.

  • Case Dismissed Felony Aggravated Assault
    My client maintained his innocence and with tactical cross-examination, we exposed the alleged victim’s untruthfulness. The court dismissed the case.
  • Case Dismissed Class A Felony Aggravated Child Abuse

    My client was charged after a drug test at a hospital suggested her child was exposed to Methamphetamine. We knew this was wrong and fought to get the charged completely dismissed at the first court date.

  • Case Overturned and Dismissed Appeal - Possession with Intent to Sell

    My client was charged with Possession with Intent to Sell a large amount of Marijuana. The trial court denied a motion to suppress the evidence due to what we believed was an illegal search. We appealed to the Tennessee Court of Criminal and a panel of three judges agreed with us that the search was illegal. The case was overturned and dismissed.

  • Case Dismissed Sexual Assault

    My client was charged with a bogus sexual assault. We pressed the State at multiple court appearance and they finally relented and dismissed the case. My client maintained his innocence and I refused to accept anything less than a dismissal.

  • Case Dismissed Assault
    My client was charged with an assault in the Williamson County Jail. We refused to accept the State’s offer and eventually, with the help on an exonerating video, the case was dismissed.
  • Case Dismissed Rape

    My client was a father who steadfastly denied allegations that he had abused his own daughter. After a preliminary hearing with vigorous cross-examination of the investigator, the truth that the allegations were made up was exposed.

  • Not Guilty Public Intoxication

    My client was charged with Public Intoxication. Unwilling to accept anything less than an acquittal, we demanded a jury trial.

  • Case Dismissed Felony Theft

    My client was a teacher who is accused of theft. A bogus case based on politics. We refused a plea under judicial diversion and demanded a jury trial. The State got cold feet and dismissed the case the day before trial.

  • Case Dismissed Aggravated Assault

    My client was protecting her father’s rental property from some drug abusing tenants who had been evicted. An altercation ensued and my client shot one of the thugs. We held firm that it was self defense and the charge was dismissed before trial.

  • Case Dismissed Order of Protection

    My client was alleged to have held his ex-girlfriend against her will on multiple occasions and repeatedly sexually assaulting her. After days of preparation, the case finally went to trial. Cross-examination of the “victim” lasted for three hours and several lies where uncovered. The Court stopped the hearing and dismissed the case before we even put on our side of the proof. The Court awarded my client attorneys fee after finding that the “victim” lied and mislead the court.

  • Case Dismissed Child Endangerment

    Some very unusual circumstances led to a charge of Child Endangerment for my client. We were able to get the charge dismissed in General Sessions Court.

  • Case Dismissed DUI

    My client was charged with DUI. We pressed forward knowing that the blood test would show he was not impaired. It did. The state threatened to continue to prosecute based on some medication that was also in his blood. We demanded a hearing and the stated dismissed the case.

  • Dismissed Kidnapping and Aggravated Assault - Dismissed

    Kidnapping and Aggravated Assault case dismissed less than a week before trial last week in Maury County.

  • Not Guilty DUI
    My client was charged with DUI. The two-day trial concluded yesterday in Williamson County Circuit Court. The jury only took 10 minutes to unanimously find my client not guilty.
  • Case Dismissed DUI
    Client was arrested for DUI after ingesting some prescribed medications and operating his motor vehicle. He showed signed of impairment which we attributed to medical conditions not actual impairment. After showing valid prescriptions and that the client’s blood levels were within therapeutic limits, the State dismissed the case.
  • Reduced to Due Care Violation DUI

    Client charged with DUI after traffic stop where he admitted to recent use of Marijuana. With an understanding of the science behind blood analysis, we were able to show the State he could not have been impaired. DUI Dismissed and the client walked after paying a $25 fine for a Due care violation.

  • Dismissed Sexual Exploitation of a Minor
    My client was charged with possession of images that amounted to child pornography. We knew that the investigation was botched from the beginning and that they had the wrong guy. We refused all offers and just days before trial, the State asked for a continuance to conduct further investigation. We stood firm and the State dismissed all charges.
  • Case Dismissed DUI

    With a blood alcohol level just barely over the legal limit, the State knew they couldn’t win. The client entered plea to a driving infraction. DUI dismissed.

  • Case Dismissed Felony Vandalism Dismissed

    Another bogus case by a disgruntled ex. We refused an offer to settle early on and demanded a hearing. Through calculated cross-examination we were able to expose the lies and the State was forced to dismiss.

  • Case Dismissed DUI
    DISMISSED AT PRELIMINARY HEARING – We refused any offers to settle and demanded our preliminary hearing knowing the State’s case was weak. After unrelenting cross-examination of the two arresting officers exposed the case for what it was, the Judge threw the case out.
  • Case Dismissed Assault

    Nashville Assault Retired/Dismissed – Client was charged with assault after an altercation with a neighbor. We stood firm and refused a plea. After a preliminary hearing, the State realized the weakness in the case and retired it. Dismissed with no conviction.

  • Not Guilty 1st Degree Premeditated Murder & Conspiracy to Commit 1st Degree Premeditated Murder
    1st Degree Premeditated Murder & Conspiracy to Commit 1st Degree Premeditated Murder - Not Guilty after 4 days of trial, and 5 hours of jury deliberations.
  • Dismissed Attempted Aggravated Burglary and Assault
    Attempted Aggravated Burglary and Assault