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Among all of the criminal offenses prosecuted in Tennessee courts, drug crimes rank as the most common. According to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, more than 47,000 individuals faced drug-related charges in 2014, and that doesn’t include possession of drug-related equipment. 

It is critical that you understand how such a charge can impact your life and what can be done to mitigate the consequences. Contact our Franklin drug crime attorney at Larsen Law PLLC if you are being investigated for or have been formally charged.

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Drug Crimes in Franklin, TN

Our firm offers one-on-one interaction with our attorney throughout the entire legal process, so your case will never be turned over to a junior associate, paralegal, or other staff.

You will have full access to your attorney at all times who will give you the legal support and counsel you need during this crisis. We are here to ensure that your legal rights are protected and your best interests are pursued at all times.

Are Dabs a Felony in Tennessee?

If the amount of hashish or concentrates is greater than 15 pounds, the offense is a Class A felony punishable by a fine no greater than $500,000 and a term of imprisonment between 15-60 years.


Facts About Drug Crimes in Tennessee

A first-offense simple drug possession is generally charged as a Class A misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail and fines of up to $2,500. However, if you have two or more prior convictions you will be charged with a felony.

These charges involve small quantities of controlled substances such as marijuana, synthetic marijuana, opioids, cocaine, and other street drugs. Larger quantities are met with more serious charges and increased penalties. Possession of fraudulently-obtained prescription drugs are also charged according to quantity and whether sales and distribution were involved.

The following drug offenses are charged as felonies:

These range from Class A to Class E felonies with penalties ranging from one to 25 years depending on the type and quantity of drug, prior criminal history, and other statutory factors.

A drug conviction can also have other collateral consequences that impact:

  • Your ability to get a job and housing
  • Eligibility for federal educational aid
  • Your right to own a firearm
  • Any pending immigration processes

Larsen Law PLLC can thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding your charges in order to seek effective ways to challenge state’s evidence and/or to lessen any penalties ensuing from a conviction.

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