Probation is a risky time: It's certainly much better than jail or prison, but it comes with many restrictions that make life difficult. Even worse, if you fail to abide by all of those restrictions, you can find yourself in jail anyway.

More Than A Decade Of Probation Experience

I know the probation system backward and forward: Before I became a lawyer, I spent 12 years working as a parole and probation agent in the Michigan Department of Corrections. I know how hard it can be to settle into a routine after being convicted of a crime or to keep appointments with your probation officer while you're looking for a job.

Now I am committed to defending the rights of the accused in Franklin, Tennessee, and throughout the surrounding areas.

As your lawyer, I'm here to hear your story and explain it to the agents of Tennessee's probation system. I know how to talk to them because I used to be one of them. I know what they're looking for and what they overlook.

I'll Help You Stay On Track

The most common probation violations include failing to report to your probation officer, failing to pay fees and failing a drug test. It's my job to help you get in compliance and stay in compliance and to make sure that you make those appointments, pay those fees and pass those tests. We'll tackle your probation proactively.

I also see a lot of clients who are charged with a new crime while on probation. This can significantly complicate your life and result in back-to-back sentences that keep you on probation longer or lead to jail. If you are charged again while on probation, I can help minimize the damage.

Get Proactive. Hire A Lawyer.

Contact me, attorney Eric Larsen, or call me at 615-656-8179 to schedule a consultation. I'll help you get your life back on track.