"When all hope looked lost and I thought of settling for a plea bargain, he stood firm and would not allow me to accept anything other than my innocence. He got the case dismissed." A.L., a criminal defense client.

"...Highly qualified and experienced....down to business and professional." Criminal defense client.

"I was facing 6 different charges. ALL WERE DISMISSED! He helped me get my life back on track..." N.P., a criminal defense client.

"Long story short, he made miracles happen..." Q. Nevils, a criminal defense client.

"Eric Larsen is by far the best attorney I've met in my life. He is highly knowledgeable, decisive & persuasive. His integrity is unquestionable. His reliability & trustworthiness are matchless. He is understanding & compassionate. Mr. Larsen does not match the popular caricature of a DUI lawyer. I cannot recommend Mr. Larsen highly enough. If you are faced with a DUI, I urge anyone to contact him before you contact any other attorney. He is, quite simply, the BEST." Jeff W. - DUI Client

Mr. Larsen was very sympathetic and had genuine respect and concern for me as a person. This was most important to me. Before interviewing several attorneys, I had "hired the first attorney" and I did not leave his office knowing the law or legal process I would be held accountable. This attorney did not spend more than five minutes with me and treated me with disrespect. I left that attorney's office more upset than I was when I first learned of the charges. I had never been involved in any legal charges against me. This was a nightmare for me and although I was a in a professional career in which I was a problem solver and performed legally binding agreements, with businesses in services and goods for millions of dollars. So, I had worked with attorneys and other professionals for more than thirty years.

Within the first fifteen minutes of talking with Mr. Larsen. I knew Mr. Larsen would do everything he could to represent me and would perform any needed research to better represent me before the courts. It was so comforting to me that he would represent me to the best of his and his firm's ability. Mr. Larsen spent well over an hour talking with me and not at any time did I feel he wanted me to hurry up and leave his office. He was willing to make sure he fully understood me as a client and that I understood what I could expect from him. I felt respected and cared for as a person and potential client.

Mr. Larsen gave me his cell number and told me to call him if I had any other questions. That was so considerate of him because I was extremely upset and scared more than I can describe .Had I not hired Larsen I would have been on two years' probation and my profession that means "unemployable". Mr. Larsen worked my case and I ended up with thirty days probations and diversion. The other attorney wanted me to take two years' probation. I and Mr. Larsen felt confident I would have been cleared of all charges had I decided to go to trial. Contrary to some beliefs, good people get charged for wrongful reasons and end up in legal proceedings' highly recommend Mr. Larsen and his firm." Cindy B. - Criminal Defense Client