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Is It So Bad to Get a Second DUI?


So, you had your license suspended for a year after being convicted of a DUI in Tennessee. Your parents paid the court and attorney fees. The judge sent you home and you're glad to put it all behind you. Life moves on, except for one thing: your driver's license is still suspended. You've got a job and classes to attend, though. Really, what are the chances you'll get caught a second time?

Get pulled over and face more jail time

If you're under the age of thirty and drive a nice sporty car, the chances of being pulled over for a minor traffic offense increases. This means if you are stopped with that suspended license, you face another $500 fine, another conviction of a misdemeanor on your record and a probable sentence of at least six months in jail.

Even heavier penalties

Maybe you've been driving around without getting stopped. You head out to a party with friends and end up repeating past mistakes. A second DUI conviction means you may not only face the fines, jail time and two more years without a license, but you may also forfeit your car to the authorities. A third DUI may result in a loss of license for up to ten years.

Working to work it out

Meanwhile, if you ask your friends and family for transportation, or even shell out for cab fare to get around, at the end of your suspension, your life will continue much as it did before. How simple is that for an answer? With apps like Lyft and Uber, it's crazy not to make things easier on yourself.

On the other hand, if you make a mistake for a second or third time, you're going to want an experienced attorney who's got your back. They can negotiate on your behalf and make sure your rights are protected under Tennessee law.