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Knowing Possible DUI Punishments May Help You Build Defense


If a recent DUI charge is something you are dealing with, you may find yourself under considerable apprehension and stress. The worry revolving around the potential outcomes of your legal case could have you feeling as if you have nowhere to turn for help. However, by gaining more information on the legal process ahead of you and the potential outcomes you could face if a conviction occurs, you may gain a greater ability to make informed decisions regarding your steps forward.

You could face a variety of outcomes, depending on the specific circumstances surrounding your arrest. Though you undoubtedly hope to avoid a conviction, you may still wonder what sentences you could potentially face should the case not go your way.


One of the most dreaded conviction outcomes involves incarceration. Whether the sentence dictates a shorter jail stay or a long-term prison stay, this result could seriously impact your life. You may miss out on important moments in your life or the lives of your family members, and a mark of this type on your criminal record could also lead to further difficulties even after your incarceration ends.

License impacts

One of the most common outcomes of a DUI conviction revolves around license punishments. Again, depending on the conditions of your arrest, this consequence could range in severity from short-term suspension to a complete revocation. Various aspects of your case could go into consideration when determining the length and type of license sentencing.


The possibility also exists that the court could require you to complete a drug or alcohol rehabilitation program before getting your license back. This action works more in favor of allowing you to overcome any dependence issues you may have rather than a strict punishment.


If your situation does not fall into a particularly severe category, your sentence may only include probation. Rather than having to spend time in jail, the judge places certain restrictions on you that you must follow, such as completing a certain amount of community service and adhering to limitations placed on other privileges.


Though some of these outcomes may not seem as bad as others, you could face any of these sentences if the court returns a guilty verdict against you. Even if the situation involves your first DUI charge, you could face harsh punishment if the circumstances had serious consequences, such as injury or death. Therefore, you will undoubtedly want to do your best to avoid such outcomes by creating a meaningful defense.

In addition to understanding the possible consequences of a conviction, you may also want to learn more about your defense options. Consulting with an experienced Tennessee attorney could help you find your best avenues for proceeding.