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Three Little Letters That Can Ruin Your Night


Summer is waning, and if you're like many other Tennessee residents, you may be trying to get some more fun in before school resumes, vacations end and seasons change. Perhaps you have plans to gather with some close friends to enjoy a night on the town and some badly needed rest and relaxation. That's all well and good unless the type of beverage you order at dinner lands you behind bars later. The last thing you need is a police officer to charge you with DUI.

That's a sure fire way to ruin what's left of your summer. To avoid such problems, the easiest answer is not to drink any alcohol if you plan on driving. This is not a full-proof avoidance, however, as there have been times in the past when people who have not imbibed any alcoholic beverages still faced charges of drunk driving.

Official strategies that help prevent drunk driving

The government, privately funded groups, educational facilities, and others often combine efforts and tactics to help lower the risk of winding up in jail on suspicion of drunk driving. The following list includes some of the most successful prevention techniques:

  • Road checkpoints: These are somewhat controversial because some say roadblocks are invasions of privacy when police stop random motorists and question them about drunk driving. 
  • Interlock ignition devices: If you have one of these on your car, it obviously means you already have a DUI on your record. However, studies suggest these devices definitely lower the number of drunk driving arrests and accidents because cars won't start if a driver breathing into the device tests positive for alcohol.
  • The media: News stories, documentaries, and massive campaigns allow authorities and program officials to share their messages about the potential dangers of drinking alcohol then driving.
  • Suspension: Just knowing that your license may be suspended might be enough to deter you from drunk driving. 

While these strategies may indeed help decrease your chances for getting in an alcohol-related accident, if you do get pulled over and charged with a crime, it's crucial that you know where to seek experienced assistance if needed. Such situations can be emotionally upsetting, especially if it comes at the end of an otherwise pleasant evening. Many Tennessee residents ask experienced criminal defense attorneys to represent them in court as doing so typically helps tip the scales in favor of a positive outcome.