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Avoiding Spring Break Drinking and Driving


While many students travel somewhere exotic for spring break, many stay at college during their time away from study. Whether on sandy beaches or still in The Volunteer State, you want to make sure that you're staying safe and following the law. A drunk driving charge can cost serious money, but also jail time, loss of license and further punishments from your school.

It's important to get away and clear your head. However, if you plan to imbibe, you need to plan ahead. Although DUI penalties grow more serious with each offense, a first DUI can still bear a heavy cost.

Tips to avoid drunk driving

The most effective techniques to avoid driving while drunk involves planning ahead:

  • Leave your vehicle at home.
  • Choose a designated driver before going out.
  • Utilize public transportation or rideshare programs such as buses, taxis, or Lyft/Uber.
  • Make overnight plans, such as booking a nearby hotel or arranging to stay with friends.
  • Call a friend or family member for a ride.
  • The easiest choice, of course, is to abstain for the evening.

These rules don't apply to just you. You should also speak up whenever a friend is considering driving while drunk. It's also wise to make sure your phone is fully charged to avoid any potential problems.

Facing DUI charges

If you've received a DUI citation it doesn't mean you are guilty of a crime. You still have court to prove innocence. DUI charges can be dropped based on improper BAC measurements or incorrect gathering of evidence, lack of probable cause for being pulled over, and even because some medical conditions can cause false positives on a breath test.

Whether you had a lapse in judgment or suspect a false positive on a BAC reading, consulting with an attorney gives a greater understanding of your options when facing a DUI. The consequences of a single decision can have long-term effects. Planning ahead is the best way to avoid an issue, but if you've already received a citation, a DUI attorney will be able to examine your options.