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Diversion Programs May Help a Case Be Dismissed


If you're looking for any possible way to have the case against you dismissed, it's important to note that diversion programs are sometimes used to this end in Tennessee. When you complete the program properly, following all of the rules and guidelines laid out for you, the charges are dropped.

Typically, there are two types of programs that are used. One, called deferred adjudication, means you have to enter a guilty plea, admitting to what you did to become eligible for the program. However, pretrial diversion programs mean you don't even have to plead first. You just enter the program, complete it, and have the charges dismissed.

The end goal of these programs is to help you overcome a mistake. The court understands that simply throwing everyone behind bars isn't always prudent. Some defendants may have only made one mistake in their lives. Being sentenced to jail can change their lives forever, often making it hard or impossible to get certain jobs or difficult to integrate back into society.

After completing the rehabilitation program, though, these individuals may be far better off. They can show that they value the opportunity and are able to behave responsibly going forward. When this change is apparent, the court can then dismiss the charges and know that the person got the help he or she needed to move forward in a positive direction.

Often, diversion programs are offered for domestic offenses, drug offenses, and first-time offenders. If you're facing charges, it's important to know if you're eligible. These programs can have a profound impact on your future and may keep you from having a criminal record.