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Underage and Charged with Public Intoxication: What Can Happen?


Who reading this right now ever took a drink of alcohol before they were old enough? Underage nipping is not a rarity in Tennessee or any other state. Every state outlaws it, though some states provide some exceptions depending on location or whether parents or guardians give their consent. In Tennessee, though, there are no exceptions.

Penalties of Underage Drinking

If you're underage and caught in possession or under the influence of alcohol, you could face charges ranging from a Class C to a Class A Misdemeanor. The consequences in the event of a conviction could include a 30-day jail term and fine of $50 for a Class C Misdemeanor.

For Class A, the penalty could be just under a year of incarceration and a $2,500 fine. Then there's the issue of having a record and the effect that can have on your future aspirations.

Obviously, any criminal charge needs to be taken seriously and enlisting the skills of an experienced attorney is always recommended.

This may be something that a young man from White House has under consideration. According to a news report, the 19-year-old was arrested last month after allegedly entering two area homes in an apparent drunken stupor.

Police say the teenager walked into the homes unannounced. At first, a couple said they tried to speak to him, but he left. At the second, a woman said he entered the home and stared at her. She finally pushed him out the door.

Police arrested him and charged him with aggravated criminal trespass, a possible Class A Misdemeanor, and public intoxication, a Class C Misdemeanor.

No one was hurt in this instance and it might be possible to argue that the young man didn't know what he was doing. That might mitigate some of the charges brought, but that's something to discuss with an attorney.