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Tennessee Inmate Escapes, Accused of Theft


It was a wild ride for one man who is now accused of a crime. The individual was being held as an inmate in a local Tennessee county detention center. Reports indicate that the man fled the jail after allegedly committing a theft. He has since been recovered and returned to the jail. 

It will certainly be an April Fool's to remember for those involved, since the event happened early on April 1. Somehow, the individual was able to access and then hot-wire an all-terrain vehicle in the impound lot and flee from the detention center. The inmate took off and drove down the highway on his improvised escape vehicle before dumping it and fleeing on foot. 

Officers used dogs and a police helicopter to track the man, and he was later located in a wooded area. Supposedly, at the site of the wreck, police officers found evidence bags from the detention center. The bags contained meth and cash of an undisclosed amount. Apparently, the bags came from an evidence storage room that was later found unlocked.

The Tennessee man was already in jail for meth-related charges. The theft and escape will likely add to the man's charges, but the investigation is ongoing, and updated charges have not yet been released. Individuals facing drug and theft charges in the state may find themselves facing consequences similar to this man, who is still being held in jail. A criminal defense attorney can help the accused build a strong defense against charges of theft and help get those charges reduced or eliminated altogether. 

Source:, "Inmate escapes on hot-wired 4-wheeler with stolen drugs, cash", Marion Kirkpatrick, April 1, 2018