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Obtaining Counsel Early on When Facing Drug Charges


It is no secret that being accused of involvement in drug-related activity can be a harrowing experience. A conviction for drug charges carries severe penalties that could affect a person's future in various ways. Individuals in Tennessee who face similar charges may find it helpful to begin preparing for what comes next by focusing on forming a strong defense, but they might be uncertain of the available options with which to challenge the charges against them.

There are a variety of factors to consider when forming a strategy to challenge drug charges. In some cases, a person may be able to argue that he or she was unknowingly in possession of illegal substances or that the drugs belonged to another party. In addition, one may also find it essential to obtain the results of the crime lab analysis, as a substance that appears to be an illegal narcotic could be something else entirely.

Another possible defense to allegations of involvement in drug activity pertains to an unlawful search and seizure. Should one be able to prove that his or her legal rights were violated in any way, this could result in a dismissal of the charges. One may also be able to argue that there is a lack of evidence to support the charges, especially if the prosecution is unable to bring the drugs with them to court proceedings.

Although there are a variety of possible defenses to drug charges, knowing which course of action to take can be an intimidating process. Fortunately, there are attorneys that can examine the charges and evidence against a person in Tennessee and provide him or her with guidance on how best to proceed. An attorney can help a client better understand all his or her available options and assist in forming a strong defense for use during subsequent legal proceedings.