If you've been charged with a drug-related offense, the first thing you should do is contact a lawyer — law enforcement officers and prosecutors can and will use anything you say against you, but you have the right to consult with a defense attorney before speaking with anyone else.

This is especially important when it comes to drug charges, since Tennessee's drug laws are strict and the penalties can be severe. Even a misdemeanor like possessing a small amount of marijuana is punishable by up to a year in jail. And a felony conviction for selling cocaine can lead to 60 years in prison.

Prepare A Strong Defense

I represent people facing drug charges in Franklin, Nashville and the surrounding area in Middle Tennessee. I know that a drug conviction can make it difficult to find a good job or to retain scholarships if you are a student. Every case is different — depending on the details of yours, I'll work with you to have your charges dismissed or to secure reduced charges or a reduced sentence. When applicable, I'll commission a private investigator to search for information that could contradict the account of an informant or other witnesses.

A Wide Range Of Services

I represent people facing all drug-related charges, including:

  • Misdemeanor possession of drugs
  • Felony possession of drugs
  • Drug sales and conspiracy to sell drugs
  • Drug trafficking
  • Murder charges stemming from drug sales and overdoses

I defend clients who are facing charges relating to all schedules of drugs, from marijuana and cocaine to prescription drugs and related fraud.

Get Representation As Soon As Possible

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