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Tennessee Basketball Player Cited for Drug Paraphernalia


A basketball player for the University of Tennessee was recently dismissed from the team. He's a junior, and the coach simply said that he'd violated team rules.

However, reports now show that he was cited for having drug paraphernalia before Christmas, on the 14th of December. As such, the Alabama native recently had to appear in court in Knoxville.

Police reports said that officers were called to Volunteer Hall because they got a report that loud music and the smell of marijuana was coming from one of the apartments. They went to that apartment and gave the player his citation. He's listed as one of the residents at that address.

He's facing two charges, both for possession of paraphernalia. His first court date was Jan. 25.

A previous incident may not have led to charges, but it involved the same player. In August 2016, an officer came to the hall to assist while they carried out a fire drill. That officer reported seeing "marijuana stems" on a table.

After he was cited, the basketball player still appeared in six games for the team. While playing Gonzaga, he scored 17 points. In a game against East Tennessee State University, he put up 25 points. Those were two of the best games he's ever played, and the 25 points were a career high.

Drug charges can derail a promising career. Even if it's not a potential athletic career, your future plans could be heavily impacted by a conviction. That's why it's so crucial that you know your rights, understand your defense options and know that you deserve a fair trial.

Source: UT Daily Beacon, "Ex Vol Mostella cited for drug paraphernalia," Rob Harvey, Jan. 11, 2017