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Drug Charges Dismissed. How Good Would That Be?


It is likely safe to say that anyone facing a drug charge in the Franklin jurisdiction would be happy if they could see the charges dismissed. Whether that can happen is something that no attorney can guarantee. Every drug-related charge is serious, and what outcome might be possible depends on the circumstances of your case. The best assessment of such matters involves consulting an experienced attorney.

It is possible to have charges dismissed, even when there is evidence indicating apparent guilt. The provisions that might attach to such a ruling could prove difficult for some individuals to meet. Failing to abide by the terms could mean serious consequences.

This appears to be the challenge facing a former Tennessee college basketball player. Readers may be familiar with the case of Detrick Mostella. According to official records, police were called to the 23-year-old athlete's campus residence last December after someone reported loud music and the smell of marijuana. Upon investigation, officers cited Mostella with misdemeanor possession of unlawful drug paraphernalia uses and activities.

A few weeks ago, news reports said the judge on the case agreed to allow dismissal of the charges. A couple of stipulations attach, however. Court costs must be paid and Mostella has to maintain a clean record for six months straight.

This surely deserves to be considered a positive development, but it is not the final outcome of the case. That is still pending. In the meantime, Mostella is off his basketball team, so he has already suffered consequences.

To repeat, no one can be certain how any given case will play out. However, by securing the help of a skilled and energetic legal advocate, you can be confident in the defense of your rights and future.