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Getting Charged with Drug Manufacturing


It is a serious crime to be convicted of manufacturing, packaging or cultivating drugs. This is because the law sees drug manufacturers as one of the main roots of the drug problem in the United States. In certain states, there are very few exceptions to this when it comes to the cultivation and manufacture of marijuana since it has been legalized for some specific uses.

What is the standard sentence for drug manufacturing?

There is no standard sentence for the manufacturing of drugs since the severity of the crime depends completely on the number of drugs being manufactured, the type of drug being manufactured and the state in which the manufacturing took place. However, you can expect to be charged with a felony and be subject to a very high fine and most likely a prison sentence. The crime will likely be treated twice as harshly if the drugs were manufactured near places where children are present, such as a school.

How is the crime proven?

A person does not necessarily need to be caught in the act of manufacturing the drugs in question; they only need to be in a position where they have shown intent to manufacture. This proof could be in the form of a text message to another person setting up the details, or finding equipment for drug manufacture in the person's possession.

If you are being charged with the intent to manufacture drugs, it is important that you educate yourself on all of the aspects of the crime so that you are well prepared for the legal proceedings.

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