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Report of Suspicious Activity Leads to Drug Charges for 3


During the holidays, the parking lots of various stores and outlets may see high amounts of traffic each day. While out shopping for gifts, it might not be uncommon for consumers to take a short break by their vehicles before moving on to the next location, but such an action might seem suspicious to some. Unfortunately, allegations of suspicious activity at a shopping center in Tennessee have left three individuals facing drug charges.

The incident reportedly took place in the parking lot of a local Walmart on a recent Sunday when police claim to have received information about the possible presence of drug activity. Upon arriving at the location, authorities claim to have found two individuals standing next to the vehicle while a third allegedly stood outside the store begging for money. They reportedly informed police they had ran out of gas while out shopping.

While investigating the matter, police claim to have caught a strong scent of marijuana emanating from the vehicle. A subsequent search allegedly led to the uncovering of just over 15 pounds of marijuana wax along with several grams of the drug. Although each individual denied being in possession of illegal drugs, police claim they each admitted to using marijuana.

All three individuals were arrested, and each faces felony drug charges following the incident. With the potential severity of a conviction for similar charges, individuals who stand accused of such acts could benefit from speaking with an attorney for guidance in making informed decisions regarding their case. An attorney can help a client in Tennessee better understand his or her options and assist in pursuing the most favorable outcome achievable during legal proceedings.