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2 Facing Drug Charges after Incident in Parking Lot in Tennessee


Many stores have a high volume of traffic come in and go out of their parking lots every day. However, should a person linger in a parking lot for an extended period, store owners or employees might consider his or her actions suspicious and wish to have the matter further investigated. Two individuals are facing drug charges after they were allegedly caught using illegal narcotics in the parking lot of a store in Tennessee.

Authorities say they received reports of suspicious behavior from the manager of a local store. The manager claims that two individuals had been sitting in their car in the parking lot for an extended period and warned police of the possible presence of drug activity. After arriving at the store, law enforcement agents assert the driver exited the vehicle to speak with them.

During this period, police claim to have witnessed the man reach for a small bag inside the vehicle and toss it to the passenger. Upon being questioned, she allegedly admitted to swallowing the bag, and police also assert that she admitted that it contained heroin residue. After searching the vehicle and allegedly uncovering a small amount of marijuana and a pipe, both individuals were taken into custody and accused of drug possession.

With little experience in such matters, the average person may be uncertain how to respond to similar allegations. Those who face drug charges could find it beneficial to speak with an attorney for advice on their available legal options. An attorney in Tennessee can help a client gain an understanding of what to expect from the process and provide guidance on the best course of action to take during subsequent court proceedings.

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