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Tennessee Woman Faces Multiple Drug Charges


Being the subject of an ongoing investigation into the possible presence of drug activity can be a harrowing experience. Those who encounter a similar situation may feel their every move is constantly under surveillance. Unfortunately, a woman who police claim was under investigation for involvement in drug activity is facing multiple drug charges after a recent traffic stop in Tennessee.

According to reports, the incident began when the woman took a trip to a local correctional facility to visit another party. Police say she was under investigation for possible distribution of narcotics at the time and claim they were aware that she was driving on a suspended license. They advised that upon watching her drive away from the facility, a traffic stop was initiated.

During the traffic stop, police claim that a K-9 unit indicated the presence of narcotics. During the search, they were allegedly able to locate a small amount of methamphetamine, one Xanax pill, a syringe containing an unknown substance and two rolls of tobacco. While being questioned, authorities assert the woman admitted that she was planning to smuggle the tobacco into the facility.

The woman is now facing multiple charges following the incident, including possession of narcotics with intent to sell and possession of drug paraphernalia. Drug charges carry serious penalties if a conviction is obtained, and those who stand accused of similar acts could choose to prepare for what comes next by retaining the services of an experienced attorney. An attorney in Tennessee can help a client better understand his or her options and assist in pursuing the most favorable outcome possible during subsequent legal proceedings.