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Traffic Stop for Speeding Results in Drunk Driving Charges


Driving at excessive speeds can be dangerous, and the monetary fines associated with a citation for speeding can be substantial. While being involved in a traffic stop for speeding can be intimidating, attempting to avoid the situation entirely by fleeing is never advisable. A 33-year-old man is facing numerous charges after he was accused of drunk driving following a short pursuit that is said to have taken place in Tennessee.

Law enforcement agents assert the incident began when officers encountered a vehicle that was traveling well beyond the speed limit on a local interstate. Upon activating emergency lights and attempting to initiate a traffic stop, they claim the driver proceeded to flee. Police say they were able to stop the truck after a short pursuit once the driver exited the interstate onto a nearby highway.

Upon approaching the man, police claim he showed visible signs of impairment and emitted an odor of intoxicants. A subsequent search of the truck allegedly uncovered the presence of two open containers of alcohol. After allegedly refusing to comply with a request for a blood draw, he was taken into custody on suspicion of driving while under the influence.

Upon being accused of drunk driving, the average person may lack the necessary legal knowledge to know how best to proceed. Fortunately, there are attorneys that can provide a person in Tennessee with guidance in understanding the consequences he or she may face and assist in forming a strong defense. An attorney can examine the charges and evidence against a client and assist him or her in pursuing the best outcome achievable during court proceedings.