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1 Facing Several Drug Charges after Falling Asleep in Parking Lot


When a person begins to feel fatigued or drowsy while driving a motor vehicle, he or she may choose to pull over and find a spot to rest. However, should others find a person asleep behind the wheel of a car in a parking lot, they may deem the act suspicious and choose to notify authorities. A 30-year-old man is reportedly facing numerous drug charges after allegedly falling asleep in his vehicle in the parking lot of a movie theater in Tennessee.

Law enforcement agents assert the incident took place after they received reports of a possibly intoxicated man sitting in a car in a local parking lot. Upon arriving at the location, police claim to have found the man asleep behind the wheel. They also claim to have spotted drug paraphernalia and a knife sitting in his lap, and a search of his vehicle was initiated.

During the search, police allegedly uncovered several pills and drug paraphernalia, along with empty cans containing drug residue. While speaking to the man, police claim he admitted that the pills belonged to him and that he had driven the car to the parking lot. He was taken into custody shortly thereafter and faces multiple charges in relation to the incident, including driving under the influence and drug possession.

Upon being accused of drug charges, a person may find it advisable to avoid responding to the allegations prior to obtaining guidance. Those who face similar charges could find it beneficial to consult with a defense attorney for guidance on the best course of action with which to proceed. An attorney can help a client in Tennessee gain a better understanding of the consequences he or she may face and assist in pursuing the best outcome possible during court proceedings.