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3 Facing Drug Charges Following Traffic Stop and Search of Home


Law enforcement agents across the nation put forth a great deal of effort into reducing the flow of drug activity. In some cases, these efforts may lead to the search of a residence, which may leave those who reside within facing criminal charges if illegal drugs are found. Three individuals have been arrested and are now facing drug charges following the recent search of a home in Tennessee.

According to reports, the incident took place at the residence on a recent Sunday night. While performing a search of the home, authorities claim to have located nearly 13 grams of cocaine and just under 6 grams of marijuana, along with ammunition and drug paraphernalia. Two women were found within the residence, and they were taken into custody shortly thereafter.

It is unclear what led authorities to perform a search of the residence. While both women are facing drug charges in relation to the incident, one has also been accused of aiding and abetting, due to the fact that her son was allegedly the subject of an active arrest warrant. Authorities assert that he was arrested during a traffic stop and is also facing drug charges.

Many individuals who face drug charges could be unaware of their legal rights, which could make an already difficult situation even more intimidating. Before deciding on a path, one could benefit from the counsel of an attorney for guidance in making informed decisions regarding his or her future. An attorney in Tennessee can help a client gain a better understanding of the situation a client is facing and assist in forming a strong defense for use during court proceedings.

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